Horror Channel

brand identity project

Horror Channel
Brand Identity Project

Hot on the heels of our successful rebrand of CBS Reality we were delighted when CBS asked us to create a new identity for their Horror channel.

The twelve ID’s, based around a single shot and a uniform ‘creeping’ camera move, use an unusual strategy to unsettle the audience. Our CD Richard Holman explains, “When Stanley Kubrick and Diane Johnson were writing the screenplay for ‘The Shining’ they kept referring to Sigmund Freud’s book ‘The Uncanny’; a book which explores the way an image or scene where something is not quite right can make the skin crawl and quicken the pulse in a much more visceral way than mere shock and gore. We took the same approach. Each of our idents provides the thrill Horror fans love without ever making the source of that emotion explicit.”

Unusually for channel idents, the twelve films will not carry continuity voice-over so we were able to enhance and intensify the mood with painstakingly crafted audio beds, plunging viewers deeper into the dark world of the channel.

Our sound designer Simon James took inspiration from classic horror and sci-fi scores like Ringu, Under the Skin, The Innocents and the Pulse, and his rich, textured soundscapes now inhabit the channel with a chilling power.

Director Chris Turner of Park Village was selected for the project, not just for his accomplished visual storytelling skills but also for his profound love of the genre. Throughout the set of ID’s attentive viewers and fans will find references to countless horror and sci-fi classics like Poltergeist, Psycho, The Blair Witch Project, Close Encounters, Child’s Play and Silence of the Lambs. These details, subtly included, afford the ID’s a longevity which will see them entertain Horror fans for a long time to come.

Alongside the ID’s we also created a full set of OSP elements. These are based on red ink being fired into water and filmed at high speeds. The mesmerizing textures allude to blood of course – the de facto colour of horror – but they also create an ever-evolving set of abstract visuals which reinforce the channel brand and offer an elegant backdrop for the white typeface, created from different weights of Futura.

Matt Stott, Director Creative, Marketing and Communications for AMC Networks International, adds, “From the first pitch we knew this was in safe hands. H+H had a singular vision and with Chris’s dark love of all things horror, it was always going to hit the right notes. We’re very excited to gauge our viewers’ response to these, as our dedicated and passionate fan base will appreciate the subtle nods to much loved sci-fi and horror classics. With the new ID’s and OSP, we’re confident our loyal fans will be even more connected to the many faces of Horror Channel.”


Creative Agency
Holman + Hunt

Creative Director
Richard Holman

Executive Producer
Lucy Hunt

Chris Turner

Thalia Murray

Director of Photography
Jason Berman

Sound Design
Simon James

Post Production
Raised by Wolves

Lead Designer
Mirjami Quin