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CBS Reality
Global Brand Identity Project

This project – to create a new global identity for CBS Reality – was borne out of one very simple insight: people who love CBS Reality love the way it offers a window into the lives of extraordinary individuals. And so the core concept for the channel idents is simple … a series of compelling portraits of exceptional real life characters that make you want to discover more.

From Rebecca Taqi, a young Irish nurse who spent several months in Sierra Leone with the victims of the devastating Ebola virus; to Carl Cattermole, a former prisoner in some of the UK’s toughest jails now an acclaimed writer and advocate on prison reform; to Stacy Paris, a woman who lost both her legs to the horrifying illness necrotising fasciitis but now studies molecular biology while enjoying a successful career as a model.

Many of the values which we were applying to the ID’s we wanted also to bring to the graphic packaging: simplicity, the real world, drama. So, rather than resorting to 3D, we shot ink in water for real and at super high speeds. This created a series of mesmerising textures, all in the channel colour of yellow, on top of which sits white text. And that’s it: yellow ink + white text. The perfect environment for our real-life portraits, rich in all the colour, texture and detail that only real life can supply.

We also created this 30” brand spot in which we compile the ID portraits and add tantalising extracts from the real life stories of our contributors.

Matt Stott, Director Creative, Marketing and Comms for AMC Networks International has this to say about the project, “This was a great collaboration with H+H once again. We’re very proud of the work. Our research made it very clear what our audience connected with in our shows –  more than anything, they look for how people overcome adversity. All the subjects featured in the idents have fascinating back stories that are worth exploring in themselves. Real people staring down the barrel remains one of the most powerful ways we humans can communicate, and H+H have skilfully captured this for us.”


Creative Agency
Holman + Hunt

Creative Director
Richard Holman

Executive Producer
Lucy Hunt

Lead Designer
Mirjami Quin

Director of Photography
James Medcraft

Sound Design

Post Production