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AMC | Storyteller Campaign
Channel Launch

We were really pleased when this one came in: create the UK launch campaign for Emmy award winning US network AMC. We knew that this would be a major television event – although most British viewers were unfamiliar with AMC as a brand, they would already know and love shows like Breaking Bad & Mad Men.

So, we asked ourselves a question – if Mathew Weiner or Vince Gilligan had been tasked to create the launch, what would they do …?

Rather than shout about the content of the network, we decided to approach the task more obliquely. AMC can claim to be among the most compelling storytellers of all. And that led us to write a poem, a poem which celebrates the value of stories and all that they make us feel.

To have Bryan Cranston read the poem for the launch spot was a wonderful honour.

We were keen for the rest of the campaign to explore a simple but original idea, one that felt perfect for a brand as innovative as AMC: in each spot use the same script, word for word, but with an entirely new visual interpretation.

In this execution, which pays homage to the work of British realist directors like Shane Meadows and Ken Loach, the poem is delivered by a young boy, alone in the strange nowhere land that is Dungeness.

In the third and final spot, we see Frank Dillane, star of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, in an abandoned warehouse. He delivers the same poem as Bryan Cranston and the young boy, but this time it is straight down the lens, with a lyrical intensity, as a sequence of moving images are projected on to him and the wall behind. We wanted to make a film that was edgier and more unsettling. Something more in keeping with the onscreen persona of Frank.

The launch was a great success and one of the most fun projects we’ve been involved with. And AMC UK goes from strength to strength.


Creative Director (all)/ Director (Cranston)
Richard Holman

Executive Producer
Lucy Hunt

Director (Boy and Frank)
Chris Turner

Producer (Boy and Frank)
Thalia Murray

Editor (Cranston)
Matt Chodan @ Gorilla

Director of Photography (Boy)
Luke Scully

Director of Photography (Frank)
James Medcraft

Post Production (Cranston)

Post Production (Boy and Frank)
Smoke & Mirrors

Post & Sound Audio Production