We are a creative branding agency. We elevate entertainment brands with clarity and creativity.

Our extensive experience of working closely with premium content providers (like the BBC, A&E, CBS, AMC, Nat Geo and Canal+) has enabled us to develop an original and collaborative approach to finding simple solutions to complex brand challenges


We remove clutter, silence the noise and focus only on those things that make a meaningful difference to the future success of your brand. We have found that in work, as in life, simple is always best.


Creativity is not an indulgence; it drives successful brands and it is the reason we do what we do. In a world of weary eyeballs only exceptional creative which arrests attention, arouses debate and provokes engagement will cut through. We’re proud that our work has been recognised at D&AD, Cannes, Promax and other awards for creative excellence.


We place a premium on finding the best technique with which to execute an idea and working only with the most talented exponents of that craft. We tailor teams to fit every project perfectly. Our joy in the craft of creativity and our ability to bring it to bear on all faces of a brand is the reason we call ourselves brandsmiths.


Lucy Hunt is Executive Producer, founding partner and key collaborator. She works with a close handpicked circle of creatives and is at the helm of every project.

We work with brands who are passionate about creating entertaining experiences for their audiences.

Richard Holman is the Creative Director of Holman + Hunt. He has created award winning brand campaigns and on air identities for many of the world’s leading entertainment brands.

Richard's work has been recognised at Cannes, D&AD, Promax and Creative Circle and he is a regular speaker on creativity and the art of communication.

Lucy is Executive Producer at Holman + Hunt, overseeing all production and account management. Lucy began her career in Sydney Australia, and now has an industry wide reputation, having worked for creative and design agencies across the globe.

She has produced high profile brand campaigns, multichannel identity projects and 360° campaigns in Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific.